NovEnergia II is dedicated to the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources in electricity generation.

Thus we have focused on renewable energy projects based on wind, solar and hydro resources. In the future other renewable energy sources may be considered.

We take a pragmatic approach to project development, either acquiring turn-key projects or handling short to medium-term project development. In some countries the acquisition of semi- or fully-developed projects has enabled NovEnergia II to enter markets swiftly and profitably. In other markets, we turn to full-scale project development in order to maximize our contribution and capture more value for our investors.

We are ready to use all new opportunities opened by the rapid transformation of the renewable energy sector while maintaining a diversified portfolio to mitigate both technological and geographical risks.  For example,  we own and operate solar photovoltaics plants based on various types of technology such as fixed-structure, one-axis and two-axis trackers with various types of PV cells.

Indeed, we believe that incremental innovations in our plants through the utilization of new technologies in a prudent fashion are a foundation of our success. With these objectives in mind, NovEnergia II invests in the training & education of its team while constantly monitoring technological developments.

We continuously optimize our asset’s performance by managing their operation and maintenance. This allows us to maximize value for our shareholders while simultaneously ensuring our projects’ environmental and social compatibility.

We believe that experimentation with new technologies and incremental innovations in our plants are a foundation of our success.


& Achievements

NovEnergia II was conceived and founded by Carlos Pimenta and a group of professionals from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France that spent the last two decades promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

In 2001 these executives joined forces to create “NovEnergia 2010”, a Luxembourg-based SICAV fund dedicated to renewable energy projects. Between 2001 and 2006, NovEnergia 2010 participated in the development of two key players of the renewable energy sector in Portugal: GENERG and Finerge.

In 2006 NovEnergia 2010 took part in the creation and in the management of ENEOP - Eólicas de Portugal, a consortium that included its majority-owned subsidiary GENERG, two large utilities (EDP and ENDESA) and the leader in wind turbine innovation ENERCON. ENEOP won the national wind energy tender in Portugal for 1200 MW. A total of 1335 MW, 600 turbines, were produced and installed in Portugal. The establishment of an industrial cluster lead by ENERCON, created more than 1700 direct jobs.

In light of the success of NovEnergia 2010, its Board of Directors voted to create a new entity, NovEnergia II with a mandate to purchase NovEnergia 2010’s portfolio and to enter new European markets with additional investors. NovEnergia II opened subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria and Hungary.

In 2008, seven photovoltaic plants were built in Spain. In the next few years those were followed by many others in Italy and France.

In 2012, NovEnergia II built its first wind farm in Italy, a big photovoltaic plant in Bulgaria and established a new subsidiary in Poland on the basis of a wind farm construction portfolio.

During 2014 our first wind farm in Poland was inaugurated and we began the construction of a second one in Italy.

20 years promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy.


& Commitment

NovEnergia II has a complete range of competences covering all stages of the renewable energy value chain, and acts as an integrated actor from development to investing.

As a prospector, we select projects that add significant value to our investors while maximizing the positive impacts of  our investments on the environment.

As a developer, we carry out technical and environmental studies. We obtain building permits, grid connections and all other required authorizations for our projects. We leverage of the legislative effort experience of our Board Members' to increase local support for new energy sources while taking into account our impact on local communities.

As an operator, we take over the construction, engineering and operation and maintenance of our plants. The projects are executed following the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

As an investor, we typically fund our projects with a mix of equity and non-recourse project finance. This funding structure has enabled the fund to participate in projects worth well in excess of € 1.6 billion.

Projects that bring significant added value for all investors.

The Renewable

Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector as a whole has undergone tremendous expansion in the last decade, and holds all the necessary conditions for this growth to continue in coming years:

Energy is a universal basic need with increasing demand. Electricity is the fastest growing form of energy use.

Among available energy sources, renewable energy is set to grow at above-average rates in the coming years. The global challenge of climate change has put the issue of greenhouse gases at the forefront of the political agenda. In the framework of the Kyoto protocol, many states, including European ones, have committed to binding targets in emissions reduction, and have settled on renewable energy sources as a way to achieve these goals.

The share of Renewables in the energy/electricity market is expected to continue to grow due to the necessary de-carbonization of the energy system. Additionally it is expected to benefit from the overhaul of current energy models towards decentralized networks and from the growing presence of electricity-based transportation systems.

Finally, the increase in volatility in the price of oil and other fossil fuels has given a new urgency to energy supply security and stressed the need for an energy mix that includes a greater share of endogenous, local sources. This argument provides additional weight to energy policies favouring renewable sources in the near future and it reinforces environmental or efficiency-based objectives.

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