The NovEnergia II Group was conceived and founded by a group of experts around Carlos Pimenta a former EU MEP.

They have spent the last two decades promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources through politics, academic research, consulting or investment. They have contributed to establishing the current framework for independent electric generation from renewable energy sources at the Portuguese and at the EU level.

Faced with the ever central issue of energy in our times and with the conviction that renewable energy sources remain underutilized - both in terms of resource and in terms of social benefits - they decided to create a new type of instrument to accelerate the necessary paradigm change in the energy sector.

They are assisted by an international team based in various subsidiaries with expertise in their respective local cultures and markets. The various teams generate synergies by sharing their experiences and best practices.

Establishing the current framework for independent renewable energy production.


General Partner

Henri Baguenier, Chairman

30 years experience in the energy and environment sector (EU, Eastern Europe & South America). Professor of Energy Economics at the University of Paris and Director (1985-2007) of a Master degree Program on Energy Economics and Energy Policy.

Former President of SIIF do Brazil (EDF-EN Group) and of the European Small Hydro Association. Former Advisor to the Portuguese Secretary of State of Energy. Chairman of the Consultative Energy and Environment Committee of the European Commission (1997-2000).

Albert Mitjà

Former General Director of Energy of Catalonia Autonomous Region, and advisor to the European Commission and UNESCO.

Álvaro Martins

Professor of Economics and Energy Policy at the Technical University of Lisbon. Analyst and supervisor of several public and academic organisations involved in energy research. Coordinator of the Portuguese National Carbon Plan 2005-2007.

Aníbal Fernandes

Considerable experience in all branches of the energy sector, from oil to gas to wind energy. Former Director of Galp Power and CEO of Transgás Atlântico. Former advisor to the Portuguese Government, in charge of the introduction of natural gas in Portugal.

Former CEO of ENEOP, the largest wind energy consortium and industrial cluster in Portugal.

Carlos Pimenta

Carlos Pimenta has spent his career defending environmental issues and sustainable development. Secretary of State for the Environment / Natural Resources and Fisheries in the 1980’s in Portugal and member of the Portuguese and European Parliaments (1985-99). Former Board Member of EDF Energies Nouvelles and one of the co-founders of the Globe program.

He was a negotiator of the Kyoto protocol and a key promoter of the EU’s renewable energy policy. He is currently a Board Member of several renewable energy companies and a member of the EU Energy Advisory Forum.

Armando Nunes

Financial and Capital markets expert since 1990. Former CEO of Banco Mello Capital Markets Group of Companies. Former member of the Board of the Portuguese Association for Pension Funds and of the Portuguese Association of Asset Managers. Economics degree, Master in European Studies and MBA.

Ottavio Lavaggi

Expert in International Finance and Tax Systems. Former international civil servant of the European Union. Former member of the Italian Parliament.


Outstanding contributors to the renewable energy market.



Álvaro Brandão Pinto, President

Large know-how in several branches of the energy sector. Director of Endesa Group companies in Portugal, in particular of companies dedicated to renewables and co-generation. Member of the Board of ENEOP. President of COGEN Portugal.

Georges Gudenburg

Partner at Novalaw, Luxembourg law firm. Former Head of Private Banking at Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de L’État (Luxembourg).

Jeannot Krecké

Former Minister of the Economy of Luxembourg and member of European Councils (Competitiveness and Energy, Economic and Financial Affairs) and of the Eurogroup. Member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal and Calzedonia, among others and of the Advisory Board of several companies. Strategy consultant.

Roberto Krell

Extensive experience in Private Equity investments in Europe and Latin America with a focus in the renewable energy sector. Sourcing of investment opportunities through business development efforts and M&A. Capital structure optimization.

Giorgio Vignolle

Significant experience in the banking sector as General Manager of several companies within UBI Banca Group and of other Italian banks. Former Member of the Board of several Investment Funds in Luxembourg.

Renewable energy is set to grow at above-average rate in coming years.



Álvaro Rodrigues

Former wind energy director of INEGI, Portugal’s premier laboratory in this area, and one of the leading experts in wind resource assessment and wind farm projects in the Iberian Peninsula.

PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Teaches Renewable Energies and Fluid Mechanics at Oporto University.

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