NovEnergia II owns and operates Renewable Energy assets in various European countries. Its geographic footprint includes Portugal, where the fund began its activity, as well as major markets of Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. Its growth plans include the strengthening of its European presence by leveraging its know-how and through local partnerships.

NovEnergia II holds a diversified portfolio, including wind farms, various types of photovoltaic plants and small hydropower plants. It will consider making investments in projects based on additional technologies, with various sizes and business models. The size of our individual projects range from a few kW to 140 MW.

Subject to the relevant legal framework, and to a markets' characteristics, it may enter projects at different stages of their life cycle. For example, in-house development or acquisition at advanced stages of development. NovEnergia maintains a flexible and lean network organization which allows it to adapt to various environments.

Taking advantage of the current and future power shortage in the Balkans.


NovEnergia II has been present in Bulgaria since 2007. It has established a strong platform with the aim of developing an important portfolio, taking advantage of the interesting potential for renewable energy development in a country where penetration of large players is limited.

A 10 MWp photovoltaic plant was fully developed by the local NovEvergia II team and built in the first semester of 2012. In spite of the challenges created from energy policy changes, our plant is operating with a remarkably good technical performance.

In addition to our PV plant we have an important pipeline of wind energy projects.

Developing 60 MW of PV projects, especially in the south of France.


Operating since 2011, NovEnergia II’s consolidated photovoltaic portfolio in France includes approximately 16 MWp. About 30% of that capacity is based in Martinique. The portfolio includes ground mounted fixed structures as well as rooftop mounted panels, mostly in agricultural buildings.

Eneryo is NovEnergia II's French subsidiary, a service company that manages the operation and maintenance of all plants in the country. Eneryo intends to develop other PV projects in the portfolio, both of the ground mounted and building-integrated type. Those projects can enjoy better feed-in tariffs, represent an efficient use of this technology and minimize environmental impacts.

Eneryo is also dedicated to the identification of project acquisition opportunities, ready to be built or already in operation, with an emphasis on wind technology.

Developing 3 wind projects in Hungary, adding up to 90 MW.


NovEnergia II has been present in Hungary since 2007. While the renewable energy industry in the country shows great potential it has not yet made sufficient progress to merit a positive investment decision.

Our pipeline includes a 30 MW wind project at an advanced stage of development as well as a 20 MW project under an earlier stage of development.

The implementation of a renewable energy support system by Hungarian authorities should allow the project(s) to finally move forward and reach construction.

Developing solar and wind projects throughout Italy.


In Italy, NovEnergia II owns an important solar photovoltaic portfolio of projects in operation with an attractive feed-in tariff. It is making a strong effort to increase its current participation in the wind energy market.

Following a strategic partnership with f2i (a national public-private infrastructure fund set up in 2007 by Italian government) and the establishment of a joint-venture (HFV) for co-investing in PV projects, an asset split operation led to a portfolio of about 44 MWp in PV. Approximately 4 MW of this portfolio will still co-owned with f2i. Some of the projects were fully developed by the local NovEnergia II team, NEI, Srl, and built under their supervision while others were acquired. The projects are spread from the north of Italy (rooftop mounted in industrial buildings), to the southern region of Puglia, one of the regions with the highest irradiation level in the country.

One of the areas of focus for the local team is the optimization of the operation of the assets in order to increase their profitability and, in doing so, reduce the effects of potential changes in the legal framework for the sector.

NEI is developing a wind energy portfolio, a project consisting of 4 MW has been operating since late 2011 and a second one of 10.8 MW began operating in 2015. Additional two new projects with a combined capacity of 80 MW are waiting for final permits. Other wind energy projects are at earlier stages of their development.

NEI also undertakes a continuous effort in the identification of acquisition opportunities of ready to build or already operating wind energy projects in Italy.

In 2010 NovEnergia II established in its Polish subsidiary, NovEnergia Poland Sp. z.o.o..


Poland is one of the most promising markets for wind energy in Europe. In 2010 NovEnergia II established in its Polish subsidiary, NovEnergia Poland Sp. z o.o..

A 40 MW wind project was bought in 2011. The first phase of the project, 20 MW, was built and connected to the grid in the summer of 2014. The second 20 MW phase is under development.

The local team endeavours all their efforts in identifying projects for potential acquisition, preferably at an advanced stage of development or ready to build.



With the exception of a minority share in a small wind energy project, NovEnergia II’s assets in Portugal are held through its ownership of GENERG.

GENERG is one of the most established players in the renewable energy sector in Portugal. Its first wind project began operation in 2003. It held an active participation of 20% in the productive parks of the consortium ENEOP - Eólicas de Portugal with 1335 MW of wind power plants built since 2009. 

Beyond wind GENERG owns two photovoltaic plants with a productive capacity of 18 MWp. The company is one of Portugal’s pioneer independent electricity producers. Since 1992 it has developed and built nine small hydroelectric power plants with a combined capacity of 33 MW.

GENERG owns about 488 MW of renewable energy projects in operation.

Present across the major markets of Southern, Central and Eastern Europe.


Spain is one of the most mature renewable energy markets in Europe. By the end of  2014 it reached approximately 23 GW of wind and more than 4.6 GWp of PV installed.

Based on the legal framework for projects connected to the grid before September 2008, NovEnergia II invested in PV technology in the country and owns a portfolio of seven projects with a total capacity of 24 MWp.

The projects were all constructed between 2007 and 2008 and are in full operation. They are located in the regions of Castilla-La-Mancha, Extremadura, Murcia and Catalonia. Their capacities range from 1.58 to 6.06 MWp. All plants are ground mounted structures. Their technologies vary from simple fixed-structure to two-axis trackers. The two-axis structures allow some plants to have a production equivalent to more than 1800 equivalent hours at peak-power.

The management and operation of the assets is undertaken by NovEnergia España Servicios. Its team of engineers and economists based in Barcelona has optimized and rationalized costs to face the more recent changes in the country legal framework for renewables.

Exploring investment and development opportunities in selected countries in Africa and Latin America.

Other countries

The fund remains attentive to potential developments in other countries that may allow for interesting opportunities to arise.

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